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Doctor Ernesto Barbosa


From: Ms. M.Gonggrijp-Bello
To: Doctor Ernesto Barbosa

Dear Doctor Barbosa,

There are no words to describe how pleasant my experience has been since I’ve met you. You have not only been an incredible professional throughout the procedures but also a fabulous and supportive friend.

I found the hospitals chosen by Dr. Barbosa to be of an excellent standard and I wouldn’t change any part of the care they gave me.

Everyone was brilliant and I felt that all the staff actually cared about me and my recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Barbosa and his team without a doubt. I wouldn’t consider contacting anyone else when I am ready for my next surgery. I was nervous to actually go for the procedure for the first time but once you finish it gives you so much confidence and it makes you feel so good that the initial fear rapidly vanishes.

I was also very very pleased with the post-op care. Once again a big thank you to Dr. Barbosa and to his team! I will be his client over and over without hesitation!

Monique A Marcela Gonggrijp- Bello

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