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Dra. Maripaz Duque
I recently did a breast lift and lipo of the thighs in Bogota. My doctor was Dr. Maripaz Duque whom I found through As I don’t speak Spanish, I was firstly impressed with her website which offered an English translation. Her speedy responses to my queries was also very impressive and it made me choose her as the doctor to perform these procedures.

I’m only a few weeks post op but am very pleased with my results so far. Dr. Maripaz Duque still makes herself available by email and still offers very timely responses to my queries. I would highly recommend Dr. Maripaz to any person wanting to have cosmetic procedures done.

Trudoctors assisted in finding a very lovely hotel Belle Epoque. The hotel was very clean & the staff very friendly. As an English speaking guest I felt the staff went over & beyond in ensuring that our stay was comfortable & I really appreciate it.

Lastly I would like to comment on Bogota. To be honest I was a little apprehensive about going there based on what I’ve seen in the news. As such I was very surprised when I got to Bogota. The city is very clean (a bit colder than expected) & there is always a member of the law nearby. The malls are lovely & the only difference to a mall in the USA is the currency in which items are quoted.

All in all, it was a good experience & I’m grateful to the administrators of this website who assisted in finding a very good doctor as well as comfortable accommodations.

Kind regards,


Dra. Maripaz Duque
I just returned from Bogota on Friday, March 4th, 2011, after a two week stay. Dr. Maripaz Duque performed the surgery on Tuesday, February 22nd – I was in Colombia on Saturday, February 19th to have my body adjust to the High Altitude at the Doctor’s suggestion.

I just wanted to let you know that I have visited with two other Doctor’s in Colombia prior to choosing Dr. Maripaz Duque and just her knowledge and her perception of a the female body I felt she was the best choice!!

From start to finish I had the best experience. The Integral Life Institute was amazing. This is where Dr. Maripaz’s office is located and the same place you will be going for your massages every day. I highly recommend Carolina Torres as your Massage Therapist she was absolutely amazing, kind hearted and a true gem!! The Hospital was quite amazing as well. Clinica del country was top-notch!! By the time I was admitted into the Hospital and prepped for Surgery – I think the whole process must have taken an hour… smooth as silk. The nurses couldn’t do enough for you – very attentive to your needs pre-surgery and post-surgery. I was very impressed with the responsiveness of the nurses on duty and all the staff there. I was very skeptical about my perception of what the hospital conditions would be like and much to my surprise they were amazing!!!

I had a full tummy tuck, eye lid lift and liposuction. I had some pain after the surgery (mostly soreness), but nothing in comparison to what the websites were stating. I have had two C-Sections in the past and the pain was in NO comparison. I was quite surprised as I have researched and watched a number of programs about plastic surgery and I expected the worst. I was up and about by the next day and the drainage bag was removed five days after the surgery. I walked around Bogota the entire week, even with my drainage bag. I am back in New York for 4 days now and I am doing well… I have scheduled a visit with a lymphatic massage therapist to continue by progression on the road to recovery.

Much admiration to Dr. Maripaz Duque and her staff!!!! I am truly grateful!!!

Antonietta Monroi

Dra. Maripaz Duque
I just got back from my second trip to Bogotá. I was there in January of ’07 and had breast reduction and a tummy tuck. This was the second part of my surgery which was liposuction. As before I cannot say enough about Dr. Maripaz Duque and her staff at Clinica Del Country in Bogotá. She is very professional and treated me with the utmost care as did her staff. One of the great things about Dr. Duque that I liked is that she is very conservative. She will never put her patients in danger just to get the surgery done. And more than once she assured me that if there were any type of complications, she would stop the surgery immediately.

I know that it is quite a concern for many Americans to travel to other countries for any medical procedure. The one thing about Dr. Duque and her staff at the Clinica del Country is that the majority of staff were bilingual. Dr. Duque and all the anesthesiologists that I came into contact spoke fluent English. I do speak Spanish but having that reassurance was even better.

I am back in the United States only a few days and recovered from the liposuction without any problems. I had the post operative massages as well as the last time except this time the massage therapist had actually come to my apartment which was great instead of having to go to her office. This made it very easy as well.

I would just like to thank again for helping me come in contact with Dr. Maripaz Duque Acosta. She has literally changed my life. I not only have found a phenomenal physician but have also gained a new friend.

If any of your clients would like any additional information about Dr. Duque, my message therapist or my experience with and Bogotá Colombia please do not hesitate to leave my email with them.

Thank you again



Dra. Maripaz Duque
My name is Jessica and I visited Bogota just a few months ago. My doctor was Dr. Maripaz Duque, and… I really don’t know how exactly to compliment her enough. I was a little nervous about going into surgery in another country by myself, but once I met Dr. Duque, I felt that I was going to be in good hands. From the first time that I contacted Maripaz, she has always been so quick to respond and reassure me of any doubts. I felt that she was always looking into my best interests and was always there with every answer to every question. From the lovely office assistant that was always so pleasant to Dr. Duque, I just dont know how to describe it. Walking into her office with all of her BEAUTIFUL paintings I knew that I was in the right place. To me, knowing that she obviously had an artistic view point, put me at ease and let me know that I was in good hands. She has such a warm and friendly character and speaks perfect english that you could only feel comfortable around her. Leaving, I felt as she was not only my doctor, but that I had made a true friend as well.

I had a Breast lift, Full Tummy Tuck, and moderate Liposuction done on February 28th, and I am so happy with my results. Although I am a younger patient, I am a mommy of two and it feels so good to almost have the same body back than before I had children.

Once again, thank you Maripaz for the beautiful work that you have done for me and making me feel so much better about myself. You have a true talent, and I am glad to have experienced this through you. I could not be happier!!!

Jessica Marcos

Dra. Maripaz Duque
I am back now from Bogota after my surgery and I just wanted to let you know how great it was, I went on the website to post my testimonial but could not see where to do that and so I am sending you an email.

My trip was absolutely wonderful !!! The hotel staff was very gracious and very responsive to all my needs. Dr. Maripaz Duque was a very sweet, elegant and a very gracious individual, she made me feel very comfortable from the start. Her English is excellent and so was the anesthesiologist. I must say I was unsure at first about what to expect from the hospital conditions, but I must say that it is one of the best hospital I have every been in and I have had a few stays in hospitals all over the world. The Hospital was like a 5 star hotel, you did not feel as if you were in one, from the registration up until you were taken to the surgical room everything progressed quickly and efficiently. The surgical room was large and very sterile, with beautiful music being played in the background. The hospital room was very big with two large windows overlooking the city with an adjacent large bathroom, I must say I was very impressed with the responsiveness of the nurses on duty and all the staff there. My surgery was at Clinica Del Country and I would recommend it a 100%. It was also great that everything was in such easy walking distance, so it was easy each day to walk to the massage therapy just one block over and to Dr Duque’s office one block over as well from the hotel.

I had breast augmentation as well as a full tummy tuck and I had no pain after the surgery, this for me was quite surprising as I have researched and watched a number of programs about plastic surgery and I expected the worst. But no pain at all, I was a bit nauseous afterwards, which I usually am after surgery as I have an allergy against the anesthesia, but that soon passed, I was up and about by the next day and had my stitches out by day 12, the drainage bag was removed one week after the surgery. The massage therapist were all very friendly and are all expertly trained. I must say having this additional luxury included as part of the after surgery procedure is very helpful and very relaxing. The therapy also helped to reduce the bruising and swelling after surgery. From my research I did not see this procedure being included here in the USA.

For my last few days in Bogota I was up and about shopping as the art work is very lovely. The people of Colombia are very friendly and beautiful. I must say that I am very pleased with the result of my surgery, Dr. Duque is a very skillful surgeon and the results are very much noticeable right after surgery, its been three weeks now since my surgery, I was back at work 2 weeks after surgery and I am doing great!. If I have any follow up questions, Dr. Duque is an email away or by phone so all is going very well. I have been telling my friends and family how great the experience was and would recommend going to Bogota, Columbia to have theirs done. I feel like an entirely new and confident person and am very glad that I over came my fears and doubts about going to Colombia and getting this done. Columbia is indeed the number one place in the world to get plastic surgery done!

Thanks again Dr Duque and all your staff!!


Dra. Maripaz Duque
I had read a few articles on plastic surgery and knew many people were going out of the country for surgery as the US is so over rated and costly.

I had the opportunity to travel to Bogota Columbia, South America and planned my procedure. When considering this, time was the one big factor for me, and next was the cost so I opted for a mini lift.

I met with Doctor Maripaz Duque, who walked me thru the process and set up the whole procedure from meeting with the Anesthesiologist to admitting me to the Clinic. I felt like I was in a Five Star Hotel, from the beautiful lobby with huge vases of fresh flowers to the sterile operating room with music in the background. Even though I spoke no Spanish, there was always someone there with me patting my hand and reassuring me in a comforting voice. The operation went fast and the only discomfort I had was coming out of the drug. It only lasted 15 minutes. I had a partial head elastic bandage, that not only kept the drainage plugs secure but contained my face as their was swelling and discoloration around the eyes. In recovery out of the clinic, my Doctor advised relaxation with cold compresses around the eyes and face and lots of hot broth and liquids for a couple of days followed by fruit. The swelling went down tremendously with in 5 days. The plugs were removed on day 6 and stitches on the 13th day.

On the sixth day I was out shopping in the many shopping areas Bogota offers. The food in the restaurants was delicious and expertly prepared and presented no matter where we ate. I was even amazed at the grocery stores and how well they were stocked and employees in colorful uniforms that never seemed to be idle.

Our country could take a few tips from you on work ethics and hospitality. The country was tropical and colorful and the climate was perfect. I found the people to be very gracious and hospitable. All in all my trip was absolutely AWESOME in every aspect.

Even though there is a fear factor within us, I feel you must still maintain a positive attitude. And my assumption was correct as everything went well and I boarded my plane for home on the fourteenth day, wearing make-up and looking at least (I have been told) 7-8 years younger.

It was an experience that went so well that I have told everyone, that every women should have at least some kind of surgery done. Whether to remove some ugly varicose vein in your leg to a unsightly mole on your face….it makes you feel so different, it makes you feel so good about yourself. I am so pleased with the new me!!

Dra. Maripaz Duque
I wanted to pass on with the organization on how wonderful my whole experience was with Dr. Maripaz Duque. Not only did she make me feel comfortable prior to my surgery, the post-op care was really amazing.

I am home in the United States and continue to communicate with Dr. Duque on a daily basis. If I have any questions or concerns, she answers immediately.

I highly recommend her to all of my friends and family. Thanks for a lifetime memory of Colombia and a wonderful surgeon!


Dawn Vitarelli

Dra. Maripaz Duque
I just wanted to let you know about my wonderful experience in Colombia where I had surgery for a breast reduction and also abdominal lipectomy. I had searched the internet for information and came across Your website gave me so much information and confidence that it was so easy to contact my physician and get all the appropriate information that I needed.

My physician Dr. Maripaz Duque was phenomenal. She was the most professional and classy physician that I have ever dealt with. She spoke fluent English which made my life a lot easier. I had my surgery at Clinica del Country in Bogotá and from the nursing staff to anesthesia (fluent english as well) and operating staff to the post operative massage therapists and staff everyone was so attentive and professional. I am also in the medical field so having that knowledge made it pretty easy for me.

The one thing that I thought was so great was that I saw my physician and massage therapist everyday after my surgery. I know that that would never happen here in the US. Another reason why I picked Colombia was the country is phenomenal and has a great reputation for plastic surgery procedures. The views of the mountains and the city at night is breath taking. The people are so kind and generous. I would not hesitate to return again for any additional medical reason i.e.: surgery if I choose to do so. I cannot say enough about Dr. Duque and her staff. I not only feel that I now have a gained new doctor but I also feel I have a new friend.

I am back in the US not just 2 weeks after my surgeries and I feel wonderful. If any of your clients feel they need any additional information please forward my email to them as I would be glad to help them in any way I can.

Thank you for being the first information that led me to a really successful surgery and a fast recovery.



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